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BAS Research is California’s first licensed cannabis manufacturing company to blend cutting-edge science with rigorous quad-tested lab protocols to develop high-performance, consistent, quality cannabis oil.

Our dedicated science team strives to provide the safest, most reliable products and apply advanced analytical methods and stringent laboratory standards to produce highly characterized cannabis extracts of exceptional quality and consistency.

BAS provides a variety of services to clients, including compliance, product development, formulation, extraction tolling, contract manufacturing, and fulfillment.

HOTN Cultivation Co.’s passion to bring you quality cannabis products (premium cannabis, tested, pesticide free, herbicide free, single source, premium organic sources, vegan, vegetarian, credible sources, the list goes on) is something that they prominently standby. HOTN offers cannabis advocates a knowledgeable and friendly staff; each bright individual CPST certified to handle and recommend cannabis products. HOTN also takes pride in offering a clean, safe, and convenient environment for all cannabis pioneers.


This year, a group of very diverse women of varying backgrounds and expertise formed a small business with aspirations to empower people through cannabis. The ASHE Team is here to plant our seeds in the thriving commerce of cannabis to re-brand cannabis for what it truly is — a health and wellness plant that tackles many mental and health conditions.

With an innovative business model, the ASHE Team is here to educate the masses about the exciting science behind cannabis and clear up countless persistent distortion of cannabis benefits.