WPA4A Calculators

Need help calculating what’s in the infused oil or edibles that you just made?

Or how about figuring out what the mg/ml is of the oil you just purchased?

Or maybe you need help figuring out the price per mg of the products you are researching…either way, we have you covered!  

Calculator List:

Making edibles (or even capsules)? Use this calculator to determine how many mg are in each edible or capsule.

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Making an infused oil at home? Use the Infused Oil calculator to get an ESTIMATE of what is in the finished oil.

Thinking of buying an oil but not sure if it is a good price? The best way to do this is to figure out the price/mg and compare that to other oils. Use the Price/Mg calculator to determine what you are paying. The best oils are often under $0.10/mg.

Bought an oil and not sure how to figure out the mg/mL? Use the Pre-Made calculator to convert total cannabinoids to mg/mL so you can dose appropriately.

Want to make plant matter capsules but not sure how to get the exact dose needed per capsule? Use the Plant Matter Capsules calculator to provide you information on how much plant matter to pack into each capsule to get a specific mg.

Have a concentrated oil, like RSO or FECO, and need to convert the percent to mg/mL for dosing? Want to then dilute that oil for easier dosing? Use the Percent to mg/mL & Dilutions calculator and also watch the instructional video on how to do dilutions correctly.