M.W. wrote – “My son has a handful of different diagnoses, perhaps the most significant being intractable epilepsy and moderate-severe autism. He took Keppra in large doses which exacerbated the aggressive tendencies associated with his autism. This quickly became the perfect storm in which resulted in my sweet little boy attacking us, his parents, every day. He punched us, kicked, pulled hair, and even began to choke me. He was seizing, and nothing was helping. Something had to change, so we moved to a state with legal access.”

“Unfortunately, there isn’t a medical cannabis “How-To Guide” when it comes to helping patients, especially when they have an often-misunderstood diagnosis like ASD. I was in a legal state with cannabis everywhere but had no clue what to do. That’s when I found Whole Plant Access for Autism, a group better than any book.”

“WPA4A is a group unlike any other; parents are teaching others and sharing information without judgment, with full love and support. They aren’t just members of a group, they are friends and family even if we’ve never even exchanged a word to each other. A parent can share a bad day, a dangerous meltdown, or ask questions about making their own oil. We celebrate our successes together, and share love during struggles without judgement.”

“What truly makes WPA4A unique is the coupling of humanity and science. I have learned what strains are helpful to my son and why. Whole Plant Access for Autism and its members have helped me take charge of my son’s health and future, providing me with information on how to help my child when nobody else has answers. I have successfully made my own products when nothing would help, most recently a topical balm. My son had horrible bruising all over his arms from a blood draw gone awry. He was in tears, angry, and seizing from the pain. His usual dose wasn’t helping and there weren’t any topical products available that were available to help him. My beautiful WPAA family taught me how to not only infuse my own oil effectively and safely but also how to turn it into exactly what my son needed. I even know the dosing of this topical because of the valuable info I found in the group! This salve has become a go-to in our home and helped my son when nothing else did.”

“Our family’s lives have been changed forever because of medical cannabis. My son is now seizure-free and able to enjoy things he never could before. He attended two Colorado Rockies baseball games that we took the train to. WOW! We couldn’t even handle most days alone at home and now he’s in the community. He is thriving in school, speaking more than ever and flourishing cognitively. Cannabis has been a game changer, and Whole Plant Access for Autism gave us the community to support us and information to be successful. Thank you, WPA4A!”

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L.F. wrote – “Seizures are the scariest thing that you can watch your child endure. They make me freeze and the only thought that goes through my head is ‘please don’t die’. No mother or father should ever have to see their child suffer with a seizure. I followed Charlottes Story from Charlottes Web in awe and knowing that this would be something I would try because AEDs scared me because of the horrific side effects. My son has been seizure free for 4 years on meds and we are finally weaning him off of medications because we feel safe having cannabis on board as we wean. I’m looking forward to getting him off the medication which will take us about a year going slowly. I’m so glad I live in CA where we have had access to this life saving plant medications for our kids.”

“When you start your cannabis journey, finding answers hasn’t been hard but it’s also not from any doctors. I have found that it’s the moms who have come before me who have used this with their kids who offer the best advice and support. Whole Plan Access for Autism facebook group has been a great resource for questions and brain storming. I learn more from the moms running the group and members than I have at any appointment where I have asked about using cannabis for seizures and autism. It’s the moms who are the pioneers using this and teaching others which is the best way to learn. So huge gratitudes to Jenni and Rhonda taking their precious time to help all moms when they begin this journey. Thank you for your continuous support and serving the Autism community when many times we only hear “It’s all a part of Autism and there is nothing we can do.” Well, that is certainly NOT sound advice – there is plenty that you can do and Cannabis is a big one.”

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M.D. wrote – “I have a severely autistic son that is 16 years old. We started this journey when he was 14.  We had been trying all different medications on him to help control his behavior. I fear our next step was to try anti-psychotics in the hopes of keeping him in the home with his family.”

“In July of (2015), we were at our wit’s end with my son’s aggression and also his punching of his chest which had morphed into banging his chin on hard surfaces, like the keyboard and remote controls and countertop. His chin would get bruised and swollen and bleed, and even though I could tell it hurt because he would cry, he couldn’t stop himself from doing it. I started investigating CBD oil on the Internet, I listened to a webinar on using cannabis oil for autism and found out that the THC is what really works for the aggression and self-injurious behaviors associated with autism.”

“When I first started on the task of locating cannabis oil for Z, I was overwhelmed by the process and did not feel like I was going to have much success, but I stumbled onto Whole Plant Access for Autism. I can’t Thank the admins of this group enough for all the info the have shared.”

“I started adding THC oil to the CBD Oil and it was a life changer. The aggression and self-injurious behavior is all but gone. He might hit 10 times a week now and only one hit at a time.  When the behaviorist was having us track his punching himself, he was punching 80 times in an hour!!! It has been so miraculous the changes that we have seen. He still has autism that is for sure BUT his quality of life is so much better as well as the quality of life for the rest of the family.  I am forever indebted to Whole Plant Access for Autism for the guidance and support that they have shown us. I don’t know where my son would be without them. Most likely, he would be institutionalized instead of living at home and participating in his community.”

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J.L. wrote – “R is a 27 year old mentally handicapped man with autistic tendencies.  He has been on Risperdone since he was 13 years old.  Up until the age of 21, R was a hyper, happy, loud, energetic young man.  We had tried trazadone for sleep along the way with minimal success to help him sleep better.  At one point we put R on a psych drug to help try to calm the hyper a little more.  This was one of the worst decisions we had ever made.  Rage came out full force.  It had caused him to have to leave the last summer school session he would be in before transitioning into an adult day program. Eight weeks we (the family) had endured something we had never ever in our lives ever thought we would see.  Our son was so psychotic and unmanageable. The state had no help to offer us. I called numerous places and all were dead ends.  Psych Dr. kept switching medicines and nothing was working.  They offered us respite to take a break from our son.  That was not an option.”

 I would not put another human being through what we were going through.  There were no out patient facilities or in patient facilities in the whole state that could take a mentally handicapped individual that was incontinent and needed 24 hour supervision.  After the 3rd visit to the ER in 8 weeks, the ER Supervisor sat me down in the office and said “you keep bringing him here, there is nothing we can do to help him”.  We were at a dead end.  Right before his 21st birthday we had to leave the state of Delaware and drive to Maryland where someone informed me of a Psychiatric Hospital with an Autistic Unit.  There he was placed for 10 days to start on yet another medicine and was released because insurance would only pay for 10 days.  I picked him up, drove him home, went through the rest of the day, he fell asleep and woke the next morning banging his head again.  I yelled for my husband.  It wasn’t over, he wasn’t fixed.  For the next 8 months he was home with mom because with his behaviors no day program would take him. Through this time he was on 2 medications and ativan 2x a day.”

“Fast forward 5 years, R rotated a couple of meds back and forth as best as we could to keep behavior at bay until at one point even this wasn’t working for him.  We switched meds one last time. and then after 21 days of straight rage we decided that certain medication was not helping him. Somehow, I cannot recall exactly how I came across medical marijuana, maybe I googled medical marijuana, but i found a product called Haleigh’s Hope.  And this is where we began our cannibis journey.  We were down one medication. The Haleigh’s Hope was helping. However, Haleigh’s Hope was CBD, we will eventually learn that my son needed THC in order to calm the behaviors.”
“Fast forward almost 6 months later and someone introduced me to the Whole Plant Access for Autism site.  I have found not only new friends, but a new family, people who can understand what I am going through, people who can say “WOW we have been there too”, and more positive advise that I will ever need.  This site also allows me, a special needs mom on a crazy journey, to give others input and advise from what we have been through with our son.  As I continued to learn from these new friends how cannibis can help more, they gave me strength to continue fighting for what my son needed.  We got his medical marijuana card in order to access THC.”  
“Cannibis has been a life changer for my son and our family.  Has it cured the problem, no.  However, over the last year, my son has been able to come off ALL his pharmaceutical medication.  Ativan is no longer needed.  We have been successful in replacing these medications with cannibis.  Is it a fix all and everything is perfect… no.  However, my son is able to express himself better, he can get angry and stop himself and bring himself back down to a better controlled level.  If not we can adjust his cannibis use and find other strains to help.  His body is healing from using so much medications for so many years.  We ARE headed in the right direction thanks to our Whole Plant Access to Autism family and cannibis.”

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T.D. wrote – “C had been on some form of medication since she was a little over 2 finally about February 2017. The Drs told me that there was nothing more they could do no more medicines to SAFELY try which i use the word safely loosely with all the side effects but all these medicines either didn’t work at all or caused numerous bad effects from self injurious behaviors to extreme mood swings she was covered in bruises bleeding and had bumps everywhere pretty much everyday.”

“So April 2017 we decided to try CBD why not right we had tried everything else Therapies all the drs diets supplements the works of course i was nervous as any parent is starting a new regimen but within days i saw huge differences she was smiling laughing and truly enjoying life no more banging her head throwing herself around and she started interacting with us eye contact improved and she was eating truly eating not just 5 things all day everyday she started eating meats cheese eggs healthier things she is no longer so underweight she doesn’t even make the growth charts. she is a happy healthy girl now. She started making more vocal sounds she is nonverbal so that was huge and trying to say words you could hear them they may not always sound exactly right but enough to tell what she was saying. She started getting great reports in school she was mimicking and interacting with her teachers aides and friends. The difference is incredible i often look back and think was she really that battered and bruised when i look at past pictures or was she really that unhappy seeing her frowns and lack of eye contact. I am not saying everyday is perfect we all have bad days right but everyday is soooooo much better than before we started cannabis. I am so grateful to everyone at whole plant access for autism without them i don’t think i would have been able to do this and help my daughter. We are now 10 months into using this amazing healing medicine and i don’t regret my decision to use this method of medicine for one second. It’s the best decision i ever made not only for her but for my whole family. We can now go to a store a restaurant on a vacation whatever and i know she can handle it. Our lives will never be the way they were and that’s a blessing i will never take for granted. Thank you all for helping me help my daughter. I love you more than i could ever say you are my family and you are always there HUGS to all”

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L.S. wrote – “We started our Cannabis journey in 2013 when D was 16 years old. D was much older than most who have begun their healing journey, believe me the healing is possible no matter the age.  D has had intractable Epilepsy since a newborn at 9 days old and has suffered daily seizures most of her life. As she has gotten older her autistic behaviors have became more apparent and she does 6 stims (repetitious behaviors) all the time with NO breaks in between.”

“We are now 4 years in and it has had many ups and downs (photo above right taken May 2017, age 19). It isn’t perfect, but she is so much better than before cannabis.  We have been able to stop 4 anti epileptic medications since starting our cannabis journey, which in itself is awakening.  Although not seizure free, her quality of life is so much better; all seizures are now under a minute with no postictal stage. D has some eye contact and interacts with her siblings and laughs at appropriate times, this is huge!  Before cannabis D didn’t know who was around her nor did she care. With the amazing administrators and knowledgeable members in the Facebook Group “Whole Plant for Autism” process we are honing in on the perfect combo, slowly but surely to calm her autistic behaviors. D is happy and pleasant in this healing journey.”

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L.H. wrote – “Where do I start? We began the medical use of Cannibas in February 2017. We were looking to find a saving grace for our 17 year old son, who was having huge aggressive outbursts. We had no idea what we were doing, but we were so blessed to find WPA4A group on fb and they have been a tremendous help along the journey, doing their very best to guide me.

As a parent who was at their wits end, they helped me put the pieces together and to trust myself and the MM journey. I love most the transparency of the group and the friendship.”
“The benefit of Cannibas has been miraculous. My son has seen the same speech therapist for more than two years, and she began remarking, “I don’t know what you did today, but keep doing it”!  It’s given me my son back. He has joy, he is calmer, and our family was saved from having to make other decisions about if we would be able to keep him in our home safely. That’s huge. I can’t say enough about what Cannibas has done for my son or our family. My boy was prescribed Klonopin around the same time We began Cannibas, I can proudly say, he hasn’t had to use those but a handful of times. He’s had a script for hundreds of pills, they are no longer needed unless We have a huge crisis on our hands when he isn’t feeling well. But that is so few and far between, I don’t even have to use the refills. Knowing my son isn’t having to be addicted to a benzo is a relief.  We have been able to do things we were not previously able to do. All families should have access to MM. Thank you to the admins of WPA4A for your unending support and knowledge.”
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J.W. wrote – “We started using cannabis with our son when he was 6 years old. We had exhausted all other options. he has been diagnosed with severe adhd, mild autism, spd, dyspraxia, anxiety and a language disorder. He was under weight, aggressive, non affectionate, couldn’t sleep, unable to learn, impulsive, and just miserable.

He went to many different therapies weekly for two years and was tired of it all. We moved to a legal state to gain access to cannabis when he was 6. We immediately saw some results. Within the first 9 months he went from 40 lbs to 53 lbs. after another 9 months he is at 62lbs. He slept through the night for the first time at 7 years old after being on cannabis for 6 months. He now sleeps most nights all the way through. He has become more affectionate. Loves to give hugs and tells us he loves us. His aggression and anxiety are almost non existent. He has learned to read and write which was a huge struggle for him before cannabis. He is now caught up to his peers. I can take him places without major meltdowns. I really can’t say enough for what cannabis has done for our little boy. My only regret is not starting it when he was younger.”
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D.H. wrote – “Living in an illegal state, I have only been able to try CBD oil on my 8 year old son. He’s severely autistic, non-verbal, ADHD and SPD. The small doses of CBD oil we gave for four months didn’t have any impact on him. I know he needs THC and it kills me to be in Illinois, where the government stops me from treating my son naturally with a plant.

I haven’t been willing to break the law yet, but I’ve been working up the guts for several years.”

“So what to do with the CBD oil I have left? Well this group helped me realize that I myself should use it! I experience anxiety quite often, and CBD oil and vape pens are my rescue when I feel a panic attack looming. Special needs parents need to remember that self-care is vital to be the best we can be for our loved ones. While the state laws here seem to be at a stand-still, elections are around the corner, and I will continue to advocate with IL-MAMMAs to get my son access to whole plant treatment. In the meantime, this group helps me stay informed and continue to learn about dosing, strains, effectiveness…and some non-cannabis related discussions that interest me as well. Keep up the great work!”

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N.D. wrote – “Cannabis has literally changed my life! I used to work at a hospital and one day I was helping a patient who lost his balance and long story short I caught him to keep him from hitting his head which was good for him but bad for me. I ended up with 7 bulging discs and permanent nerve damage. I could barely walk. It ended my new career as a respiratory therapist. I was devastated!

Saving lives was what I was meant to do. So now not only was I broken physically but now mentally also. I had to adapt to barely being able to walk and always having to be stuck at home. I was on a ton of pain meds I did pain management injections nerve blocks I tried it all but was always in pain no matter what. Two years after the accident my Neuro told me the damage was permanent and would only get worse I would never be able to return to my career and maybe I should look into cannabis so I did. BEST DECISION EVER!!! It’s been two years now..I can take my dogs on walks..I can go shopping.do laundry..clean the house.. pain meds never gave me this much relief! Oh and I lost 103lbs!! I was able to get off my meds and replace them with something safe for me that actually works!!! My only regret is that I waited so long to try it!”
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C.V. wrote – “My daughter is 8 and has autism. I started using the CBD/Thc gummies and they helped and then added the oils and had someone make some cookies.”

“The aggressive behavior calms, she is more like the child before she lost her words. Before she was lost to Autism. When seizures happen, it’s so hard to get her back and I want to be able to do more. I am tired of the stigma that people have MM. I know it changes things and I want to see it change her more. She can do anything if we help her the right way.”

“I know that no matter what, I will fight her, her neurologist said do what you can, go to Colorado and get info, research and find ways and I’ll support you.”

“I’m trying my best and being a mom with seizures herself, I believe this would help me too. The anxiety triggers so much for me and it’s overwhelming to the family unit.
I pray we win and can begin to use this. I desperately want this, it’s just not been in my budget.”

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