Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance

WPA4A offers three different ways to receive aid:

  • We will pay a doctor directly for a medical recommendation, max of $200.
  • We will pay one utility bill directly, max of $200.
  • We will provide a 50% discount for WPA4A Membership.

Before assistance is provided, we have to collect a few documents to verify need, diagnosis and cannabis use. Please provide:

  1. Completed application (Please read all instructions then scroll down and download the application below. Please read the application thoroughly as there are additional instructions and information.)
  2. The first page of last year’s tax return
  3. Last 3 months of bank statements
  4. Last 2 paycheck stubs
  5. Copy of the first page of IEP or SSI award letter stating the diagnosis of the child.
  6. IF you are looking to get utility bill assistance, we would need the most recent copy of a CC statement or receipt of purchase of a hemp or cannabis product. If you are needing help with a doctor’s card/rec/letter, this is not needed.
  7. All SS numbers and account numbers need to be blacked out before submitting. Please make sure we can see the names on the documents.

We have limited funds and we anticipate running out quickly but we plan to keep fundraising! We will award assistance to those who demonstrate financial need or those with special circumstances, like a loss of income due to divorce or loss of a job. We will prioritize those who are wpa4a members (, as they have demonstrated that they are committed to learning how to make this medicine work for their child, though it is NOT required.

If you are not a member and cannot afford to join because of financial need, we also offer families 50% off of the yearly price. Please see the application below to apply for discounted membership.

If you want to help us raise more money where 100% of donated funds go directly to families in need, you can hit the donate button below.