Bottle Adapters


Just need bottle adapters? Pick from 4 adapter caps (extra small), 4 small bottle adapters (fits most 1-ounce to 2-ounce bottles), 4 large bottle adapters (fits most 3-ounce to 4-ounce bottles) or a combination of the above.  Please note, we cannot determine which adapters will fit which brands as brands change bottle sizes from time to time.  If you are not sure which adapter to buy, please consider buying some of each size to find the most appropriate size.

For smaller neck bottles, please try an adapter cap. These caps usually fit 15 ml (1/2 ounce) bottles, though some brands, like Flower Child CBD, use 1-ounce bottles that fit these adapter caps.


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Bottle Adapters

4-Adapter Caps (Extra Small), 4-Small Bottle Adapters, 4-Large Bottle Adapters, 2-Adapter Caps (Extra Small) & 2-Small Bottle Adapters, 2-Small Bottle Adapters & 2-Large Bottle Adapters, 2-Adapter Caps (Extra Small) & 2-Large Bottle Adapters, 2-Adapter Caps (Extra Small), 2-Small Adapters, & 2-Large Adapters