Paper Booklet: Let us help you on your journey!


Need help starting on your journey?  Let us help you.  This booklet will provide you with step by step guidance on what you need to do to start.  It also outlines all of the many resources we have gathered for you on the website and in the support group.  We have helped thousands of support group members start their journey, and we are hoping this guide will allow you to take the journey into your own hands!!!

Please remember that we are not doctors and we do not know the medical history of your child.  So guidance within this booklet will not replace the guidance of a medical professional.  But we can provide general guidelines to get you started which will hopefully start you on the road to success!

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This is a 24-page paper booklet which will be shipped to you.  If you would like an online copy, you can order one here.

Are you a doctor and want to share this with your patients?  Email us at [email protected] for bulk pricing.

We appreciate your understanding and support!

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